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Monday, 2 December 2013

Alarm Me!

There's nothing quite like being scared awake and fumbling around for an alarm clock early in the morning. The constant annoyance of a buzzer that you're trying to ignore is as dreadful as the meeting you might miss if you push that snooze button one more time. Almost everyone prolongs the act of getting up. There are many reasons why the writing on that very same button has worn away. For some, falling asleep is a chore, and when they do fall asleep, the rest received is far from adequate. Sometimes, the blankets are just too warm and comfortable.
What if you were told that your mind and body aren't on the same level when being shocked awake? Is there a better way to wake up? There is. From sounds to nature to the simulated sunrise, some of the best radio alarm clocks have taken on a new technological wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a gradual wakeup or a ground-shaking event, we've reviewed a variety of alarm clocks so you can see if the HoMedics SoundSpa, Sony Nature Sounds, or  Moshi Voice Control alarm clock is right for you. If you're looking for the best alarm clock comparisons and reviews, check out our articles on alarm clocks.

Alarm Clocks: What to Look For

There are countless amounts of specialty alarm clocks on the market today. Some are as simple as a basic clock with an alarm, while others offer several different sound settings or a sunrise simulator. Here are some of the factors we took into consideration in our alarm clock review.
You want something that is able to wake even the deepest sleeper, but how effective is that wakeup call? Waking up gradually in the morning can help your body stay energized throughout the day. A good alarm clock will help wake you up with sounds of nature or will start going off quietly a few minutes before the alarm is set and gradually increase the volume. Instead of being startled awake, you will wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
Ease of Use
Even with all the fancy features that come with higher-end products, setting them up can be a daunting task. If it's too hard, you might just revert back to using the alarm on your phone. We give higher ratings to clocks that come with easy-to-use interfaces and manuals that can help you through the setup process.
Additional Features
There's more to an alarm clock than just the alarm function. The features that come with the products we have reviewed include time projections, temperature readings, calming sounds and gradual sounding alarms. Overall, you want something that provides the simple comfort of waking you up well and on time.
There is always a need to keep the design of products in your home in sync with your unique style. The best alarm clocks should be small and sleek, fitting seamlessly into your decor. As technology progresses, alarm clocks maybe be feature heavy, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice aesthetic design for a product that may function well but is an eyesore.
Help & Support
Things break, and when they do, it can cause a lot of unneeded hassle in your life. Find a product that is sold by a trusted source that will offer you customer support, warranties and will help you if their product malfunctions.
Our alarm clock reviews have the will give you information on all the features above. Our side-by-side comparisons and in-depth reviews are designed to help you find the perfect clock to help you start your day right.

Source: http://alarm-clocks-review.toptenreviews.com/

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