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Monday, 2 December 2013

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Next-gen showdown

Trying to decide which next gen console to buy? Is choosing between the PS4 vs Xbox One making your head hurt? Which console is best? In these tough gaming times you need a friend to guide you to buying the right console for you, and we're that helping hand. We've pitched the new Xbox up against the latest PlayStation in the ultimate buyer's guide.
Microsoft and Sony have finally shown their hands and revealed the next generation games consoles within. As the dust begins to settle, and these two tech heavyweights go head-to-head in the run up to Christmas, we take a look at who's winning the battles, and who might win the war.
Check out T3 gaming gurus Nick Cowen and Matt Hill in our Xbox One vs. PS4 video.

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Games

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has managed to position its console as the gamer's choice, thanks largely to its stance on second hand games but also a significant software line-up. You can check out our list of the best PS4 games.
Forza rival DriveClub, steampunk shooter The Order 1886 and cutesy action-adventure Knack all look extremely promising. Final Fantasy XV will also arrive on PS4 exclusively, along with a raft of multi-platform titles and additions to both the inFamous and Killzone franchises, with the latter in particular looking superb.
The PS4 will be home to a raft of great indie arcade-style titles too, including Resogun, Supergiant Games' new titles Transistor, and more.
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Microsoft Xbox One
After an initial Xbox One unveiling that was disappointingly low on games content - Microsoft's E3 presentation was packed to the gunnels with next-gen games, with much of it being exclusive to Xbox One. Check out our guide to the best Xbox One games.

More information on Forza Motorsport 5 and Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break was but an opening salvo... before Microsoft fired a full broadside of new content. A new Halo game is on the way (albeit in the distant future), as are Dead Rising 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Ryse: Son of Rome and a long-awaited reboot of Killer Instinct.
There were yet more new IPs, including cell-shaded thriller D4, barmy parkour-shooter Sunset Overdrive, Crimson Dragon (which looked reminiscent of Lylat Wars) and a quirky, indie-looking dungeon-crawler called Below. And more, that you should check out here: Xbox One Games
Ubisoft and Bungie respectively reveleaed that Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Destiny will all be arriving on Xbox One as well as PS4, but Xbox One users will get first dibs on Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC content, with PS4 gamers having to wait their turn.
The parting shot was perhaps the most exciting of all, as Respawn Entertainment unveiled Titanfall - a gorgeous-looking FPS where jetpack-equipped soldiers and mechs do bloody battle, complete with some parkour mechanics and all the polish you'd expect from the former Call of Duty devs.
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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Features

Sony PlayStation 4: 4K Support
The PlayStation 3 was one of the devices which brought Blu-Ray to prominence and its successor could again be the pioneer, this time being the first console to offer 4K resolution capabilities. 4K refers to the resolution of 3840 × 2160, a massive step up from the current console which outputs at 1920 × 1080. While 4K TV’s are rare (Probably because of their outstanding price tags) inclusion in the PS4 could definitely bring it into the public eye.
Microsoft Xbox One: 4K Support

As previously mentioned, the Xbox One will support 4K upscaling for Blu-Ray, but it’s unclear if it will also support games and other media at that resolution.
Sony PlayStation 4: Camera
The PlayStation Camera is a bit of a micro-Kinect, following in the best tradition of EyeToy. Like Move, it reads the light bars on the rear of the DualShock 4s so that you can manipulate items on screen with it, but also reads your flailing arms to interact, too.

The resolution is decent if nothing too scary – it doesn't track your expression or engagement, but it can tell if you've covered your eyes (the crowd of AI bots on the demo hushed, before we pulled our hands away and they all cried in a really quite charming game of Peek-a-boo). It will also set your head on fire – virtually, at least – in that AR style that Reality Fighters and its Vita brethren did.
Microsoft Xbox One: Camera & Kinect
First off, the new Kinect sensor can support up to six players at once, which is a vast improvement on the two- player limit its predecessor could handle.
Rather than reading the player as wiry stick figure with boxes for hands, feet and a head, the new Kinect module can pick up muscle texture, the shape of the player's head and register the difference between their thumbs and the tips of their fingers.
It can even pick up strain on the player's body parts, demonstrated to us when we stood one leg and saw our body part slowly turn red on the screen in front of us. Voice activated commands are still part of the package too.

Kinect can now monitor facial expressions, see if the player’s face begins to flush and even read the player’s heart rate. Not only will all of this be useful in the creation of Kinect software – fitness games, for example, will be far more advanced – but it also allows Kinect to gauge the player’s level of engagement with any form of entertainment they happen to be watching through the Xbox One.

If all of this sounds a bit Orwellian, don’t worry. Contrary to some of the rumours flying about the Internet, you don’t have to have Kinect active at all times in order for the Xbox One to work – you can deactivate it entirely. Not only does this mean you can still play games in the nude, should you desire, but you don’t have to allow it collect any data from your viewing or playing habits – although if you do, Kinect and the Xbox One will start to build a more bespoke entertainment experience just for you.

Source: http://www.t3.com/features/microsoft-xbox-one-vs-sony-playstation-4

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