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Monday, 2 December 2013

Tech Friendly Glove

In the winter time, we always concern ourselves with keeping bundled up to fight off the cold weather. No one wants to get sick just because they didn’t put on a scarf and gloves. While this was our only concern 20 years ago, we now want to be on our smartphones to distract us from our surroundings. However, the only way to continue to be on your phone and keep on gloves is to get a pair that has conductive thread on the tips.

The huge annoyance with this is that the fingertips are normally a different color than the rest of the glove. For those who have expensive tastes and want a classy looking pair of gloves that fit in with this modern world, you might enjoy the Leather Genius Gloves. These are high-quality hand coverings that will allow you to flip the thumb and index-finger tip back so you can use touchscreen devices.

These are made out of Italian Kid leather, and are lined with 100% Cashmere. Made in Italy, they are targeted at men, but that doesn’t mean ladies should be deterred. However, what might get you to decide against these is the $175 price tag. I’m always afraid with gloves like these that there will be a bit of a draft into your gloves because it isn’t seamless. Either way, if this suits your fancy and you have the money to throw at it, go for it. Just remember that you’ll have to treat these nicely if you want them to last.

Source: http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20131202/leather-genius-gloves-bring-classy-modern/#more-85872

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